Company Profile

CTV was started in 1978 as Cox Auto Parts, Inc. by brothers randy and J.C. Cox.

With dedication and persistence the business grew into the largest salvage yard in South Georgia. In 1997 the business had grown so much that the Cox brothers decided to separate it into two businesses; Cox Auto Parts, inc, a car only parts yard, and Cox Truck and Van, Inc., a truck and van only parts yard.

Randy Cox and his sons, Joey and Jason Cox, own Cox Truck and Van, Inc., and continue to grow. They opened CTV Pik-a-Part in 2009, one of the first truck and van only self-serve u-pull it yards in the area. In 2010 Cox Truck and Van, Inc. opened CTV Recycling, a metal recycling yard ran by son Joey Cox. In 2013 Cox Truck and Van, Inc. bought out Cox Auto Parts, Inc., forming CTV (Cars, Trucks and Vans) which is ran by son Jason Cox.

Randy, Joey and Jason take pride in providing their customers excellent service, honest business practices, welcome facilities and the latest in environmental standards.

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