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CTV  takes pride in selling clean and reliable used parts. At CTV we take extra steps to try and ensure the best used parts for our customer. We pay special attention to more common problems that parts have and try to eliminate as much as possible before our customers receive their parts. All mechanical parts are tested in vehicle, when possible, then undergo an inspections process.

Transmission are first cleaned and checked for broken parts, after that pan is removed to look for worn components and burnt clutches, filter is removed on transmissions with serviceable filters, we ask that customer install new one before fully installing transmission and encourage customers to install new seals and gasket and cooler, to insure the transmission will work properly and to validate their warranty.

Engines also undergo their own inspection process. All engines not ran in vehicle are checked for compression issues with manual gauge, cleaned and visually inspected for any broken components, oil pans and value covers are removed to check for sludge buildup, timing guides are checked and replaced if worn before customer pickup. Customers are encouraged to replace timing belts, seals and gaskets to ensure the engine will work properly and to validate their warranty. Components such as sensors, intake, oil pan and manifolds, are ones that were attached to replacement engine and may not match your vehicle. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure they are changed out and working correctly.

Differentials or transfer cases are also cleaned and examined for broken or worn components. These parts also have seals that need to be replaced by customer and may have bolt on parts that have to be changed before installing.

All transmissions, engines, differentials and transfer cases should always have factory recommended fluid levels in parts. These parts also have heat tabs that are installed to make sure parts are not put under extreme conditions. A removed or damaged heat tab voids warranty on part. Its best to have licensed and accredited shop to install these parts.

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